The Accidental Stolen Coffee

I just got back from a three week car-based road trip (I’m researching my next class B – more on that in another post!), where I stayed in the typical highway-adjacent hotels each night. Generally, these hotels have a free coffee station in the lobby and I filled up my travel mug each morning before heading out. I refilled my travel mug at truck stops along the way. So far, so good, no criminal activity here!

But habits form quickly. Apparently. At least in my brain.

I walked into a Flying J. Filled up my travel mug. Walked right out. And drove away.

It didn’t even cross my mind to pay.

When I was several miles down the road, happily drinking my coffee, the scene replayed in my mind. Walked in. Filled up the coffee. Walked out. As though I were in the lobby of a roadside hotel.

So, I’m sorry Flying J. I didn’t mean to steal your coffee. It was great and just what I needed for a Thursday afternoon drive. I really should have paid for it.